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Create your disaster kit today

You cannot predict a disaster, but you can certainly prepare for one. That’s the message the City continues to drive home to residents each month by encouraging personal and community emergency preparedness.

As part of that ongoing effort, the City of Mission Viejo is offering detailed information through the Emergency Survival Program (ESP).  This guide features monthly topics, historical information and what you can do now to prepare. This month’s focus is on creating disaster supply kits.

Everyone should have personal disaster supplies kits. Keep one kit in your home, another in your car and a third kit at work or school.  Your animals need pet disaster supply kits, too! This is so they can be reached even if your building is badly damaged. Backpacks or other small bags are best for your disaster supplies kits so you can take them with you if you evacuate. The kits will be useful for many emergencies.

Fill your kits with first aid supplies; medications (your pet’s too); a working flashlight; batteries; non-perishable food and snacks; drinking water (minimum of one gallon per person per day); emergency cash (small bills and coins); manual can openers; and other essential items.

Electrical, water, transportation, communications and other vital systems can be disrupted for several days after a large earthquake or other disasters. Emergency response agencies and hospitals could be overwhelmed and unable to provide you with immediate assistance. Having supplies on hand can save lives and help you cope after the next disaster.

For more tips and information, visit the City’s emergency preparedness webpage and click on the ReadyOC.org link to receive information on how to make a kit; build a plan; and stay informed.

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