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Success Stories

Success Story - Butters

Submitted by: Lisa

Hi, we adopted Beretta , now Butters, in April. Here's some more pictures of her recent adventures. She's the best little doggie! We love her so much. Took her on a road trip and she did great & loved it.
Success Story - Marshmellow

Submitted by: Madelyn

Hey! I can't thank you guys enough, the front desk, vet, and especially the supportive volunteers in the kitten room. I re named him Marshmallow. He loves running and jumping, and playing is his litter box. We've been spoiling him, and got him a cat tower, which he's in love with. He has accepted our dog, as our dog has slowly met him. At night after he runs around for a couple hours, he falls
Success Story - Penny

Submitted by: David

We just wanted to thank you for taking such care of Penny before she became part of the family. It took her about 15 minutes to feel at home here and hasn't looked back. We love her so much and it feels like she has been a part of the family forever. Thanks again.
Success Story - Lucy

Submitted by: Patrick

We adopted Lucy about two weeks ago a little sick when we first got her but since come alive. She's a wonderful dog very loving we're happy to teach her how to play she didn't know how to do much of that but she's having a blast now and we really enjoy her.

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